A Day At Festival Center – Dubai

I went early with my friends to Festival Center in Dubai, and I know that I visited this mall over hundreds of times but I never thought of using my iPhone 4G camera to make a video there!!!

I used my iPhone 4 camera before with a very short snapshot as trials but this was the first time I tried to make something good out of it and to do a good testing for the resulted video… I also took a couple of HDR photos which I will share on another day.

What I noticed during the snapshots that using your iPhone to shoot a professional video clip is something so hard especially when you have no other accessories like tripod, external lenses ….etc as in my case… I used only my bare hands and it was so difficult to produce a stabilized picture most of the time but the experiment was awesome … hence using only bare hands will cause the camera to be so sensitive to any small vibration.

You may watch my previous video “The Address Time-Lapse” which I used my Canon 550D with Tripod, so you understand my point.

This video was made to those who never been in Dubai Festival Center so they can take an idea about it.

As the iPhone 4G camera provides a High Definition picture quality of a resolution of 1280X 720 px, the editing of those footage’s was just like using a professional camera of the same quality… so I did my part of editing and color corrections…

I used also an iPhone application called iTimeLapse to create a simple short time-lapse during my journey to Dubai Festival Center which is included in this video.

Anyway, I hope you like my video and don’t hesitate to post your opinions below directly.

يوم في فيستفال ستي – دبي

ذهبت موخرا الى فيستفال ستي في دبي مع اصدقائي، انا اعلم باني ذهبت الى هذا المكان مئات المرات لنكي لم افكر يوما بان استخدم كامرة جهاز تلفوني الايفون ٤ بصنع فيديو قصير بجودة عاليه، فقررت ان اجرب ذلك.

تصوير فيديو باستخدام كامره صغيرة الحجم مثل كامرة الايفون يمثل تحدي كبير جدا لان علميا وعمليا كل ماتكون الكامره اصغر يصبح التحكم بنعومه الحركة اصعب، حيث ان اي اهتزاز بسيط سيظهر بشكل مبالغ به في الفيديو النهائي.

استخدمت ايضا احد تطبيقات الايفون واسمه آي تايم لابس ..

اذا اعجبتك الرحله الى دبي فيستفال ستي ، شارك برأيك تحت ..

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