Corporate Video Production

Affordable Corporate Video Production in Dubai

Corporate Video Production

Are you looking for corporate video production for your company? do you have a message you want to deliver to your targeted clients? need a corporate video but don’t know where to start, how to plan it and create it? we will provide you with the ultimate solution for corporate video production in Dubai at Babylon Gate Films L.L.C.

What Does Corporate Video Production Mean?

Corporate videos are audio/visual “non-advertisement based video content” corporate communications method that is intended for a specific purpose in a B2B (Business to Business) environment.

Corporate Video Production takes place to develop and create corporate videos for business and advertisement.

Purpose Of Corporate Video

The purpose of corporate video development is to convey messages to targeted clients or customers in an effective manner. By creating video content specified for business, corporation, company or organization helps grow their business and spread knowledge about their products is the main purpose of corporate video production.

Normally organizations hosting their corporate video content online by publishing it on their website page and distribute it through social media network or by using their email marketing strategies.

Corporate Video Examples

Example of our work for one of our clients as an animated instructional type of corporate video.

Another example of corporate video for a product we created for our client to showcase a mobile application.

Types Of Corporate Videos

  • Company promotional and branding corporate videos.
  • Product or service online presentations videos.
  • Technology and/or product demonstration corporate videos.
  • Client or customer testimonial corporate videos.
  • Organizational documentary videos.
  • Instruction or staff training corporate videos.
  • Financial results or work performance corporate videos.
  • Corporate event Videos.

Corporate Video Service Process

The process of corporate video service should involve the below stages:

  • Meeting between the client and the production company representative.
  • Initiation of Project requirements, budgeting, and creation of a statement of work.
  • Pre-production: includes scriptwriting and storyboarding and shooting schedule.
  • Video production: includes directing and filming with a camera crew. This may include actors and/or presenters.
  • Post-production: this includes video editing, recording an audio voice-over, adding graphics, composing a music score, 2D or 3D animation, color correction and grading, titling and subtitling, VFX, SFX …etc
  • Corporate video final delivery and website integration.

Corporate Video Production Company

At Babylon Gate Films L.L.C. one of our specializations is corporate video production hence we are considered to be as Dubai based corporate video production company.

We do offer our clients affordable corporate video production services for any type and size of project requirements.

If you are looking to make a corporate video for your corporation do not hesitate to contact us directly so we can meet and discuss your requirements and make your corporate video integrated and live at your company’s website.


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