front line school tv ad2


Two TV ads for Front Line School has been released a while ago, this is Ad no.1 which describes the school’s vision for its children’s future, how they have the methodologies of teaching their children how to build their own future and to make their dreams come true.

The Front Line School Tv ad2 was directed by Swabri from Strawberry Ads and was fully edited and color graded by Firas Sameer from Babylon Gate Films.

At Babylon Gate Films we do full post production services including:

  1. Video Editing & Audio Editing.
  2. Audio mixing.
  3. Visual Effects vfx.
  4. Color Correction & Color Grading.
  5. Poster designing.
  6. Subtitling.
  7. 5.1 Dolby Surround system conversion.
  8. DCP conversion for cinema projection.

And other services.

Leave you with the Front Line School TV Ad2

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