[one_half last=”no” text_align=”text-align-left”][service icon=”fa fa-scissors” title=”Video Editing” position=”right” fx_effect=”fade-from-left”]Video Editing is one of the main factors of making High Quality films, it is not a process of cutting footage and arranging sequences in a period of time, it requires ART.[/service][service icon=”fa fa-eye” title=”Special Effects” position=”right” fx_effect=”fade-from-left”]Special Effects also included in post production, if your film is low budgeted you may want to replace or add effects to it that compensate the real effects in the high budgeted films using post production.[/service][service icon=”fa fa-file-image-o” title=”Film Poster Design” position=”right” fx_effect=”fade-from-left”]The Film Poster should reflect the theme of the film along with emotions to grab the audience attention and make them willing to watch it on theater.[/service][/one_half]

[one_half last=”yes” text_align=”text-align-left”][service icon=”fa fa-paint-brush” title=”Color Grading & Color Correction” position=”left” fx_effect=”fade-from-right”]It’s not a simple process that anyone can implement by following some techniques or just applying ready filters to a footage, it’s more about Art, Skills, Knowledge and Experience.[/service][service icon=”fa fa-rocket” title=”Animation” position=”left” fx_effect=”fade-from-right”]Animation could be so powerful for any company to make their life easier, animation videos could be used in Presentations, Products advertisements, E-marketing and Logo intro.[/service][service icon=”fa fa-cogs” title=”Old Damaged Photo Fixing” position=”left” fx_effect=”fade-from-right”]Fixing damaged old pictures is not an easy task as you think, it requires creativity, deep understanding of the editing techniques and an artistic mentality.[/service][/one_half]

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