[technologies][technology icon=”fa fa-coffee” title=”Discussing Requirements” fx_effect=”fade”]Discussing with you the project details and goals. Understand the targeted audience and other related info.[/technology][technology icon=”fa fa-pencil-square-o” title=”Project Concept” fx_effect=”fade”]Studying the requirements then having brainstorming workshops to create new creative ideas and approaches.[/technology][technology icon=”fa fa-picture-o” title=”Story Boarding” fx_effect=”fade”]Creating the scenario and story boards for the creative ideas we had and get your approvals.[/technology][technology icon=”fa fa-video-camera” title=”Shooting” fx_effect=”fade”]This is were the real production phase starts by shooting the video as per the story boards at best quality.[/technology][technology icon=”fa fa-laptop” title=”ِEditing” fx_effect=”fade”]Creative editing the shoot footage. Adding color grading. Adding special effects and animation if required.[/technology][technology icon=”fa fa-trophy” title=”Your Master Piece” fx_effect=”fade”]Finally delivering the final master piece you asked for which will blow out your audience minds.[/technology][/technologies]

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