The Address Tower – Timelapse

A couple of years ago, when I saw the sky were cloudy I decided to do something especially when here in Dubai its rare to have such a nice weather during the year only for a couple of weeks, so the Address Tower came into my mind, I prepared all my photography stuff, also I have charged the batteries very well, I made a couple of time-lapse videos but I will share soon once I got all the required footage’s.

While I was shooting other locations in Dubai mall couple of days before that day I noticed that the Address tower looks awesome with the clouds and all the stuff so I’ve stood on the correct location and started capturing the scene.

As usual, I used my Canon 550D but with the below accessories spending around an hour of photos capturing:

Lens: 10 – 20 mm Canon
Tripod: Manfrotto

I also used the below tools for the editing:

Adobe After Effects CS5
Adobe Premiere CS5

بدت لي فكرة عمل تقنية التايم لابس لمبنى العنوان في مدينة دبي في داخل مول دبي مع حركة الغيوم … اتمنى ان تنال اعجابكم.

I used the music titled Kyrie Eleison by Solveig’s Song and it took me around 6 hours to complete everything, I hope you like the video as I do.

I made this timelapse for the Address hotel that is located just beside the Dubai mall in Dubai.
I hope you like it.

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اذا عجبك الفيديو لاتتردد بترك بصمتك بكتابة تعليق في الاسفل ومشاركة الموضوع في صفحتك الاجتماعية من الازرار تحت …

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