Color Correction & Grading

To achieve a successful film or project you need to consider how professional it looks to your audience.

“Professional Film Look” will raise your film or project up, and show the professionalism in your final film even if it is a low budgeted one, it is not a simple process that anyone can implement by following some techniques and steps, it is more than just applying ready filters by the others to the footage, it is more about Art, Skills, Knowledge, and Experience.

That’s why they call the colorist a Color Correction & Grading Artist.

As you begin to read through this page, I’ll let you know that although I love working with clients, I can only handle a very few.

Color Correction and Color Grading are two different things, but they both are related somehow to achieve the perfect Film Look.

Watch the Color Correction and Grading samples of my work below:

I like to make my clients happy, no matter what the costs are, client’s satisfaction is always my goal, and if you are one of my clients you would realize the value of dealing with me.

The footage you are having affect the primary color correction, each camera has its own options and settings to capture the image’s color, which will affect the overall image Saturation and Contrast along with the sharpness, in the old days color correction and grading used to be done via Hardware equipment, but nowadays most of the professional companies are implementing that by Software. So any type of footage you have can be processed by specialized software.

The Software I am using for Color Correction and Color Grading is DaVinci Resolve which is used by big TV production and Media production companies.

I can also implement the color correction and grading using Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro, just in case my client prefers using that software But personally, I prefer DaVinci as it is more professional and present better Quality results.


All the below issues and more will be fixed during my Color correction services.

  • Your footage may have GRAIN caused by low lighting or because of night shooting.
  • Some footage may have a kind of distortion called INTERLACING (which are horizontal lines disturb the image when the camera or the objects are moving in action).
  • DARK AREAS which are not supposed to be dark, such as in an actor’s face or unwanted locations (even on movable objects).


If you feel I can help you with COLORING your film, I Guarantee you will have:

  • The Professional Hollywood Film Look on your film.
  • Budget saving with an affordable negotiable price.
  • Completing the work within the agreed deadline.
  • Any footage Interlacing will be fixed and removed.
  • All amount of grain will be heavily reduced.

Note: You may have full services to complete your project including Editing, Color Correction, and Poster Design to gain the best Production Quality results.

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