Video Editing & Special Effects

Think of all the successful films, what are the reasons behind their success?

Why when you watch an American movie, you feel it’s different?

The answers for those questions are many, but one of the most missing parts in our film industry is the emotion touch.

Emotion can be added through acting, environments and music. Those factors may vary but what make them weak and low quality? It is the low quality VIDEO EDITING in Post Production.

Video Editing is one of the main factors of making High Quality films, Video Editing is not a process of cutting footage and arranging sequences in a period of time, it requires ART.

Special Effects also included in post production, so if your film is low budgeted you may want to replace or add effects to it that compensate the real effects in the high budgeted films using post production..

Watch samples of my Video Editing & Special Effects below:


If you feel I can help you EDITING your film, I Guarantee you will have:

  • High Quality film.
  • Budget saving with affordable negotiable price.
  • Completing the work within agreed deadline.

Note: You may have full services to complete your project including Editing, Color Correction and Poster Design to gain the best Production Quality results.

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