The HULKY Transform effect

You don’t see the Hulky transform effect on people every day.. better to check this out.

Yesterday I and my friend Mohannad went for outdoors shooting I took, as usual, my equipment and start walking the streets nearby my home, then suddenly found this guy who has transferred into Hulky man but within seconds he came back normal, actually, this guy was Mohannad.

I was arranging to make some outdoor shootings here and there to make other cool videos and one of my footage I got from there was the one I used in this video.

At that time when I planned to make this video I did not have any ideas in mind of what to add into this footage I simply just shot it and then in post-production I was wondering what to make then I decided to make this Hulky transform effects just like when Mohannad was staring in the street and waiting for someone then an external phenomenon happened suddenly to him that transfer him into Hulk man for a couple of seconds and then retrieved back normal..

There are many ideas I have for Hulky Transform effect but wanted to make it in a funny way and realistic at the same time, I would have thought of making a different effect with this footage but saved some ideas into my next videos in the future with different footage.

in my next video, I will make a short video clip for Mohannad just to show the traditional cinematic look and feel that I can apply to any video. meanwhile, you may also check the Bad Weather Aircraft Landing – Special Effects.

The HULKY Transform effect

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اذا اعجبك المقطع لاتتردد بكتابة رأيك تحت او مشاركة هذه الصفحة في صفحتك على الفيسب…


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