Me at Mission Impossible 4 !!

I was lucky to participate in Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 4 (Ghost Protocol) movie in 2011, it was an experience that I would never forget.

Spending the most exciting times ever on set with Hollywood top rated movie makers team is something, not every time a person could have a chance to.

Most of the shooting set was on Burj Khalifa area and inside the Burj also, I was one of the extra cast of the movie, when the official trailer of the Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol has announced, I was lucky now because one of the unexpected shots I can be seen there while during the shooting I didn’t expect the camera angle would show me from that side.

I put the below Official trailer and underneath it some shots from the same trailer including the one that I was seen in it.

I am sure this movie is one of the greatest ones Tom has made yet.

أنا في فيلم المهمة المستحيلة لتوم كروز

كنت محظوظا للمشاركة في فيلم توم كروز المهمه المستحيلة 4 (بروتوكول الشبح) خلال 2011، وكانت تجربة لا ننسى أبدا

.قضاء اكثر الاوقات سعادة مع فريق عالي المستوى من هوليوود لصناعة الافلام العالمية هو شيء لا يحصل في حياة الشخص كل يوم

اكثر اوقات التصوير كانت قرب برج خليفة في دبي وفي داخل البرج، كنت احد الممثلين الاظافيين في الفيلم، لكن سعادتي لم تكن بسبب ذلك بل بسبب الاحتكاك بالخبرات العالميه..

عندما طرحت دعاية الفيلم في الانترنت والتليفزيون لاول مرة، كانت مفاجأة حلوة ان اشاهد نفسي في لقطة سريعه داخل الدعاية من كامرة لم اكن اتوقع في وقت التصوير انها يمكن ان تظهرني من هناك كون ان التصوير كانوا يستخدمون عدد من الكامرات في اماكن مختلفة.

اضع ادناه فيديو الدعاية للفيلم مع بعض اللقطات منه اسفله ويبين مكاني في احدى اللقطات السريعه.

انا اعتقد بان هذا الفيلم هو من احد افضل الافلام التي قام باصدارها توم كروز













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70 Replies to “Me at Mission Impossible 4 !!”

  1. Watch full mission impossible ghost protocol in high quality

  2. -ok, now remember, blue is glue…
    =and when is red…
    ahahahahahahah adesso mi domando come abbia fatto simon a non ridere come
    un pazzo!!

  3. Your mission, if u choose to accept it. .personally, i don’t know anybody
    who’s boss approaches him with these words. imagine yourself arriving at
    work at 9:00 AM, your eyes barely open, you turn on your computer and see
    an e-mail from your boss starting with “your mission, should you choose to
    accept it…”.( As opposed to regular jobs which state “you should choose to
    accept it”). the basic assumption in work is that nobody wants to do
    nothing. the only 2 times anybody would want to do anything is if they
    think that not doing it might cause them to lose their job, or they wanna
    do just enough work, so they can tell other people to do their job, if they
    choose to accept it…

  4. They sure know how to ruin a movie trailer by putting Eminem in it, don’t
    they? Looks like I’ll pass on this movie if that’s the best they’ve got to

  5. If you haven’t seen this movie in Imax – you haven’t seen it at all! One of
    the most entertaining action films eva!

  6. This film reminds me of Splinter Cell Conviction. Not in the plot or
    anything, but it feels like it. Former agent comes back for another one
    last job, older, wiser, more badass.

  7. Emo Scene Brony Who Is A Big Fan of Black Veil Brides, Blood on the Dance Floor, and My Little Pony says:

    This movie sucks! Equestria Girls is way better and fun.

  8. Oh god, just started watching and it’s hilarious. All through the opening
    scene I’m thinking ‘they’re going to zoom out and reveal a movie set, with
    Ethan retiring to consult on dumb fake movie productions’ … and then
    nothing. Nope, that scene was in earnest. I get the feeling I’m in for
    something amazingly dumb.

  9. The movie was very intense. Action movies remind me of video games anymore.
    Well really well done video games.

  10. “an hour ago a bomb blew up the cremlin”
    right from the start, the trailer informs you this movie is gonna be shit.
    do they know the size of the kremlin? is this movie taking the piss on
    “blew up the kremlin”
    ahahahahahaha ok dude whatever
    with that has been midget tommy cruizy, the shitologist
    jesus christ what a disgrace

  11. I have seen this movie dozens of times, it is one of my favorites. Possible
    spoiler: However, one thing has been bothering me recently. Who was in
    Hendricks’ team besides Wistrom and why he reffered him as team leader?

  12. Mi: Ethan has short hair
    Mi2: Ethan has long hair
    Mi3: Ethan has short hair
    Mi4: Ethan has long hair
    Mi5: Ethan has short hair!?!?!?

  13. IlikeAllprettyNiceMovies

  14. MI 1: Great film.
    MI 2: Meh. Could have been better. Expected more from John Woo.
    MI 3: Awesome film.
    MI 4: Best in the series so far.
    MI 5: Looks awesome.

  15. With all respect to Tom Cruise good efforts but trying hard to resemble 007
    Bond is failing everytime
    very shallow and predictable scenario how they call themselves hi
    agent….I’m agent…..!! Do they need to use “agent” word???

  16. I ‘m glad I saw this movie on midnight release!! Even though I’ve seen the
    movie, this trailer just amps you up over and over lol. Cant wait for

  17. Even though I’m more of a Bond guy, I gave this a shot simply because of
    Brad Bird and I love it! One of the best action movies ever!

  18. MI 1.. Looooove it bad ass film perfect introduction
    MI 2.. Even better absolutely amazing
    MI 3.. Best one in the series love it never stop watching it
    MI 4.. Fucking awesome brilliant designs and gadgets second best
    MI 5.. It’s just omg I’m blind it looks fucking just wow incredible amazing
    brilliant spectacular awesome cool epic bad ass looks like the best one and
    looks like it could be the best film of 2015

  19. The M&M crap needs to go, those who like m&m also like fingernails being
    applied to a chalk board aggressively and thinking this sound is cool.

  20. MI 1: Great film.
    MI 2: Meh. Could have been better. Expected more from John (dickhead) Woo.
    MI 3: Awesome film.
    MI 5: Let’s see if it can beat MI 4……….

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  22. Has anyone who’s seen Age of Ultron notice that Hendricks, the baddie in
    this film, and Ultron have EXACTLY the same objective? (That objective
    being create an apocalyptic event to make humanity evolve past the want to
    cause mayhem/violence/disorder)

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