Shelet Hamen – Music Video Clip Special Effects 2016

“Shelet Hamen” a new song released by the Lebanese star “Anwar Nour” recently whom also released a music video clip for the same song on TV directed by Bilal Zibara.

Babylon Gate Films were involved in this video clip project by performing the full project Editing, Color Correction,  Color Grading and Special Effects which was performed by Firas Sameer. the video clip has become viral on music TV channels since the song itself was written by Yousef Alsoodany and composed by Nasrat Albader who are both Iraqies while the video clip is modern western style and the singer is Lebanese.

Watch: Shelet Hamen – Anwar Nour (Full Music Video Clip)

Some samples of the “Shelet Hamen” behind the scene editing and special effects by Babylon Gate Films:

Intro Modifications

Scene Modification 1

Scene Modification 2

The Shelet Hamen music video clip was shot in several locations at Dubai using the DST production equipment’s and was produced by Fahmi el Dajani.

Song’s Lyrics (in Arabic)

شِلِت همّين بفراقك هم هجرك و هم شمّات
و هم ثالث اجا و ياهن ابشرك قلبي بعدك مات.

هاي شمس الله الكبيرة بعيني سوده منل بكي
انا ميت من فراقك و اعدل بيوم التجي..

القلب مكسور من بعدك و مات ب دداخلي الإحساس
ارجع فدوى لعيونك ماكل قلبي حكي الناس.

روحي ملّت من صبرها صدق هوايا تعبت
تعرف الدنيا شكبرها ب عيني ظاقت من رحت

ما مرتاح و عيونك من فرقتك وين ارتاح
بسجن خلّيتني لوحدي قفلته و جيّتك مفتاح

الدمع تعبني صدق خلّا بخدودي علامة
انا عايش بس ش قلّك عيشتي عيشة يتامة …


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