Déjà vu – Frank Rubaie رأيته مسبقا – فرانك ربيعي

Déjà vu” A new music video clip performed by Frank Rubaie the classical guitarist from Canada specialized in flamenco guitar playing, the music piece was recorded and produced by Babylon Gate Films along with all music arrangements.

When we completed the Déjà vu music production in house we started thinking of making a music video clip for it, so Firas Sameer was thinking of developing an idea related to the music theme and name. When the right time came Firas started to build the story board for the music clip and arranging for the perfect dancer and other people whom should work with him to achieve the perfect video for the “Déjà vu” music.

The shooting started in three different locations in Dubai including 1 outdoor location and 2 other indoors and was perfectly implemented in complete one day.

Prior to the shooting date, we’ve met professional flamenco dancer and teacherthe beautiful model & choreographer Yuliya Baykova whom added a value from her experience and designed the final dance with Frank based on Firas’ requirements, Hence we had three dancing sessions with her to create the final dance and to be trained with Frank on how both of them should be dancing.

Déjà vu Music Video Clip Credits

Directed By – Firas Sameer اخراج – فراس سمير

Model & Choreographer – Yuliya Baykova  موديل وتصميم رقص – يوليا بايكوف
Makeup Artist – Alina Bikchurova مكياج – ألينا بكجوروفا
DOP – Firas Sameer مدير تصوير – فراس سمير
Camera Assistant – Joas V. Andrade مساعد كاميرا – جوآس في اندرادي
Photographer – Omar Ghazwan مصور فوتوغرافي – عمر غزوان
Percussions – Firas Sameer ايقاعات – فراس سمير
Music Production – Firas Sameer توزيع موسيقي – فراس سمير
Location Manager – Ahmed Talib Chker مسؤول مواقع – احمد طالب شقير
Editing Grading & VFX – Firas Sameer مونتاج وتلوين وغرافكس – فراس سمير
Sound Effects – Firas Sameer مؤثرات صوتية – فراس سمير

I will not make it long for you but will leave you with the final music video clip of  Déjà vu by Frank Rubaie and hope you will like it.

Déjà vu – Frank Rubaie رأيته مسبقا – فرانك ربيعي

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