I Don’t Know

“I Don’t Know” is our new short film which will be released in 2019 theatrically and currently it is under the post-production process, it has been shot during April 2019 and directed by Firas Sameer.

The film is talking about the childhood raising environment which affects the human being when he is raised either positively or negatively along with other deep details represented in a surreal film style.

I Don’t Know Official Poster

I don't know short film

I Don’t Know Official Trailer

I Don’t Know short film details:

Tagline: When you don’t know that you don’t know.

Film Genre: Drama, Horror

Release Date: 2019

Starring: Regan Tetlow, Denis Pereverzev and Ethan Tannous.

Script: Moh Sattam Hasan

DOP: Krishnan Vs

Makeup: Gita

Photographer: Omar Ghazwan

Sound: Abdul Aziz

Location Manager: Yousef Abu Laban

Editing & Vfx: Firas Sameer

Directed by: Firas Sameer

I Don’t Know – Behind the Scenes


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