UAE Inspirational Glance From The Past

Sometimes flipping and previewing old photo of mine provides creative ideas hence the “UAE Inspirational Glance From The Past” poster was photographed by me around 4 years ago in Dubai Greek.

Of course you would wonder where is that area in Dubai Creek that has the mountains along with the heritage buildings and desert at the same place … you shouldn’t bother yourself asking such question as the whole area was removed and manipulated as well as the color tones and subjects were replaced, the whole idea was to create an inspirational view presenting the heritage and genuine history of the Vernacular architecture of the United Arab Emirates showing the UAE doesn’t only represented by the urban look nowadays.

The below poster of the UAE inspirational glance from the past is meant to be presenting a moment early in the morning where all the fogs are shown along with some dark sky while the original photography that having this old traditional ship was taken just before the sunset.

Its important to mention the United Arab Emirates consists of a diverse and multicultural society and the religion of Islam and traditional Arab is mainly the Emirati culture mainly revolves at as well as the Bedouin culture and traditions architecture ideas which related to the Emirati culture addresses the construction during the UAE history is called Vernacular architecture hence it shows the environmental, cultural and historical context of the building in which it exists which is usually fundamental and simple. I tried to show this architectural environment into my manipulated poster to deliver that glance of the history of the Emirati society.

It is obvious to anyone that this poster seems to be as a painting more than a photography and I agree with that because that was my intention when I first started working on this design, to deliver an inspirational poster it should be unrealistic somehow and this painting technique is a method I like to use in my poster designs to deliver such a message.

“UAE Inspirational Glance From The Past” Poster


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